Spring Meeting 2018

Spring meeting will be at Shooters. Saturday May 12th at 11:00 am. All new members are encouraged to attend.
5333 Curtis Rd.
Traverse City, MI 49685

2018 TCBass Schedule

5-27-18 West Bay (only)
6-3-18 Portage Lake
6-10-18 Lake Leelanau 
7-1-18 Green Lake
7-4-18 Firecracker Special Green Lake(open)
7-15-18 Crystal Lake
7-29-18 Lake Skegamog and Elk Lake only
8-12-18 Lake Margareth
8-26-18 Platte Lake
9-2-18 East Bay (only)
9-9-18 Cherry Capital Invitational
9-16-18 Glen Lake

9-22/23 Classic Championship 
Alternate Lakes/Duck Lake- Long Lake

How to make a Net Buddy.

Three neoprene washers, super glue, razor and marker.

Draw with a straight edge. Leave a little gap between line and inside hole

Glue all of the surface area between the two washers. Glue the other washer on top.

Make sure all areas of the washers are glued well.

Pick  Neoprene Washers that fits your net handle size

2017 AOY and Classic Champ

Mark Ayers Classic Champ
Jack Ebach AOY