Classic Championship- Green lake and Lake Skegamog

Rick Payne- Green Lake Big Bass-4.74lb
Harry Swank- Lake Skegamog Big Bass-4.47lb
Mark Ayes(3rd)-Bill Bailey Jr(2nd)-Rick Payne(1st)

  1. Rick Payne-(5 fish)14.56lb + (3 fish)5.62lb= 20.18lb
  2. Bill Bailey Jr.-(4 fish)8.20lb + (5 Fish)11.61lb= 19.81lb
  3. Mark Ayres-(2 fish)3.64lb + (5 fish)13.54lb= 17.18lb
  4. Ed Short-( 3 fish)4.87lb + (5 fish)9.25lb= 14.12lb
  5. Bryan Ray-(3 fish)4.90lb + (4 fish)7.99lb= 12.89lb
  6. Bill Bailey Sr.-(1 fish)2.75lb + (5 fish)9.60lb= 12.35lb 
  7. Randy Perry-(5 fish)8.44lb+ (1 fish)1.98lb= 10.42lb
  8. Harry Swank- no fish + (2 fish)8.29lb= 8.29lb
  9. Pat Morgan-(3 fish) + (1 fish)= 7.32lb
  10. Murray Garner-(2 fish)5.70lb + no fish= 5.70lb
  11. Brian Wilson-(2 fish)4.27lb + no fish= 4.27lb
  12. Lloyd Acha- no fish + stayed home= The Smart one!

Hawg Hunt, October,14th 2012

Tournament time-7:30am to 5:00pm. Register by 7:00am
Green Lake- 7:30am to 11:30am-DNR launch site NW side
Duck Lake- 1:00pm to 5:00pm- State Park launch
Entry Fee: $100.00 per boat/two man teams
Pay Back 3 ways: Biggest Hawg from Green Lake
                            Biggest Hawg from Duck Lake
Combination of the two biggest Hawg from both lakes
Rules: No late entries, No late boats, No dead fish, Artificial baits only
Tournament Directors- Keith Grandy- 231-743-6686-cell 231 942-1552
                                    Rick Payne- 231 882-5033-cell 231 510-4798

Classic Championship Sep. 22nd-23rd

Green Lake on Saturday, September 22nd at 7:30am to 3:30pm
Lake Skegamog on Sunday, September 23rd at 7:30am to 3:30pm
Paying Big Fish for Green Lake and Lake Skegamog. Plus 1st, 2nd and 3rd place- total weight for both lakes.

Lake Margrethe 9-16-2012

  1. Brian Ray- 5 fish- 13.84lb
  2. Ed Short- 5 fish- 13.22lb
  3. O.B. Widener- 5 fish- 12.70lb/2nd Big Bass-3.71lb
  4. Murray Garner- 5 fish- 11.74lb
  5. Randy Perry- 5 fish- 11.45lb
  6. Harry Swank- 5 fish- 10.53lb/ Big Bass-4.12lb
  7. Bill Bailey Sr.- 5 fish- 9.70lb
  8. Mark Ayers- 4 fish- 8.21lb
  9. Brian Wilson- 3 fish- 7.29lb
  10. Bill Bailey Jr.- 3 fish- 6.15lb
  11. Pat Morgan- 2 fish- 4.67lb
  12. Rick Payne- 1 fish- 1.98lb
  13. Ed Short-Bryan Ray- O.B. Widener
    Harry Swank's Big Bass 4.12lb Largemouth 

    O.B.'s 2nd Big Bass 3.71lb Smallmouth