Lake Leelanua 5-25-14

    1st    Butch Dickerson  5/5  21.37#  30pts.
    2nd   Mark Ayers  5/5  20.40#  29pts.  (2nd B.B. 5.00#)
    3rd   Jeff Brauneck  5/5  20.06#  28pts.
    4th   Brian Wilson  5/5  19.56#  27pts.
    5th   Bryan Ray  5/5  17.07#  26pts.
    6th   Brian McComb  5/5  16.91#  25pts.
    7th   Mike Ebach  5/5  15.26#  24pts.
    8th   Bill Bailey Sr.  5/5  14.83#  23pts.
    9th   Scott Spafford  5/5  14.83#  22pts.
    10th  Bill Bailey Jr.  5/5  13.53#  21pts.
    11th  Randy Perry  5/5  12.62#  20pts.
    12th  Jack Ebach  5/5  12.06#  19pts.
    13th  Dave Luzac  3/2  10.36#  18pts.  (B.B. 5.34#)
    14th  Rick Payne  5/5  8.92#  17pts.
    15th  Dick Campbell  3/3  8.86#  16pts.
    16th  O.B. Widener  3/3  6,84#  15pts.
    17th  Ed Short  2/2  5.71#  14pts.
    18th  Aaron Fasel  1/1  3.78#  13pts.
    19th  Harry Swank  1/1  3.34#  12pts.
    20th  Pat Morgan  0/0  07pts.

    78/77 Bass - Total Weight  246.61#  Avg. Wt. 3.16#
    Dave, Butch, Mark, Jeff


    2nd place and 5.00lb(2nd)

    3rd place


TCBass 2014 schedule

2014 Dates and Lakes

  • 5-25-14 Lake Leelanau (Narrows)
  • 6-8-14 Crystal Lake
  • 6-22-14 Platte Lake
  • 7-6-14 Glenn Lake
  • 7-20-14 West Bay (Lee's Point)
  • 8-3-14 Lake Skegamog (Baggs)
  • 8-17-14 Portage Lake (DNR)
  • 8-31-14 Hawg Hunt on Lake Leelanau (Open Tournament)
  • 9-14-14 Lake Margareth
  • 9-(20,21)-14 Classic Championship

Lake Leelanau May 25th

First tournament is coming fast. Reminder that the Spring Meeting is this Thursday at Gander Mountain-6pm                                          



TCBass is holding it's spring meeting at the Lodge. Be at Gander Mountain on May 15th, 6:00pm. All new members need to attend, for the first tournament is coming fast.

Bassmaster Event in Escanada

B.A.S.S. CEO Bruce Akin announced Thursday during the 2014 Bassmaster Classic Media Day that they have entered a multi-year partnership with Pure Michigan. The partnership includes both bass tournaments and conservation.

The first impact of the new partnership is Escanaba, Michigan capturing the Bassmaster Elite Series AOY Championship, Sep 18 - 21, 2014. The first ever AOY Championship will feature the top 50 Elite Series anglers in points at the end of the regular 2014 Elite Series schedule. The tournament will launch out of Little Bay de Noc.

From New Bassmaster Events Slated For 2014 Season "Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Championship, Sept. 18-21, in Escanaba, Mich., with competition on Bays De Noc, Lake Michigan. The event host is the city of Escanaba, a partner of Pure Michigan, the official tourism and travel organization for the state."

Additional plans are tentative at this time but talked with one of the three owners of B.A.S.S. Jerry McKinnis, and Angie Thompson, VP, Sponsorship & Events. Mostly likely Michigan will host repeat Elite Series events in the following seasons. Lake St. Clair is one likely location discussed.

As more information becomes available and we are able, we will share it. It was very nice to hear Pure Michigan discussed during Media Day, AND Bruce Akin also talked about B.A.S.S. excitement about the the new state deal with Michigan including many other possible future benefits and results during his presentation to the 2014 Conservation Summit participants Friday morning. Michigan is one of only four states that B.A.S.S. has a state-level agreement with - the other three being Alabama, Arkansas and New York.