Simms Nipper

Quit using your teeth to bite through mono and fluorocarbon. It's just a matter of time before your grill starts looking like you brush your teeth with gravel. Keep the diminutive, powerful and convenient Nipper handy and save your smile.

Strike King Rage Blade

Strike King Rage Blade
This is like no other bladed jig you've seen. It's got a unique action that chops up the shallows and bashes off cover with reckless, fish-attracting abandon.

Yeljim Lures Flippin Wizard Spinnerbait

The Yeljim spinnerbait only looks like a spinnerbait but as the owner says, "It ain't a spinnerbait!" Of course he's right, as there's no swivel on this bait. The top blade shimmys and vibrates up, down and side-to-side with more flash and vibration than a regular spinnerbait can afford.

Duo Realis 110 sp/ Crank 63 square lip

This new bait looks like a real smallie smasher!