2010 Rule Change/ Lake Selection

Only one rule change for 2010. The Classic lake can be fished in the same year. Meaning any lake can be picked for the Classic tournament. The 8 lakes were off limits for the Classic- not now! Times are 7:00am to 3:00pm

The lakes for the 2010 year are:
  1. Lake Margrethe- June 5th(Saturday)
  2. Long Lake- June 20th
  3. Crystal Lake- June 27th
  4. West Bay-July 18th
  5. Upper Herring-August 1st
  6. Green Lake-August 15th
  7. Platte Lake-August 29th
  8. Glen Lake-September 19th
  9. Championship- September 25th-26th
  10. Alt: Skegmog Lake

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