7th FireCracker Special- Open Tournament

July 4th at Green Lake. 7:00am to 12:00pm. $20 per boat. Paying Biggest Smallmouth and Largemouth. Also 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Let's have a bang up time! UPDATE!!
  1. Toby Tisdale/Jon Pierce-5/4 fish/ 14.83-.30=14.53lb
  2. Scott & Shawn Schiattone-5 fish/ 13.69lb
  3. Mark Ayers-5 fish/ 12.77lb
  4. Bob Moss/Jerry DeGrando- 5 fish/ 11.93lb
  5. Bill Bailey Jr.- 5fish/ 10.90lb
  6. Dave & Karen Luzac- 5/4 fish/ 11.00lb-.30=10.70lb
  7. Brian & Julie Wilson- 4 fish/ 10.27lb-Biggest Largemouth-3.64lb
  8. Randy Perry/Lon Galla- 5 fish/ 9.68lb
  9. Jacob Trafelet/Aaron Olsen- 5 fish/ 9.59lb
  10. O.B. Widener/Ed Short-5/4 fish/ 9.55lb-.30=9.25lb
  11. Chris Noffsinger- 3 fish/ 7.39lb-Biggest Smallmouth-3.82lb
  12. Rick & Austin Payne-3 fish/ 7.09lb
  13. Butch Derickson- 1 fish/ 2.12lb
  14. Bill Bailey Sr.- 1 fish/ 1.91lb 

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