Glen Lake 8-19-2012

  1. Brian Wilson- 3 fish/11.48lb
  2. Rick Payne- 3 fish/ 8.60lb
  3. Bill Bailey Jr.- 2 fish/ 8.07lb/ Big Bass- 6.17lb
  4. Harry Swank- 2 fish/ 7.00lb/ 2nd Big Bass- 4.97lb
  5. Pat Morgan- 2 fish/ 6.18lb
  6. Lloyd Acha- 2 fish/ 5.34lb
  7. Ed Short- 2 fish/ 4.89lb
  8. Bryan Ray- 1 fish/ 3.39lb
  9. Randy Perry- no fish
  10. Bill Bailey Sr.- no fish
    Bill Bailey Jr.-Jack Pot Winner-$200
    Big Bass and Jack Pot winner- 6.17lb Smallmouth 

    1st Place- Brian Wilson- 3 fish/11.48lb 

    Bill Bailey Jr.-Brian Wilson-Rick Payne
    Harry Swank- 2nd Big Bass- 4.97lb Largemouth

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