Lake Leelanau Hawg Hunt 2014

  • Mike Miller-Mike Meyser (North)2.97lb-(South)5.49lb=8.46lb
  • O.B. Widener-Ed Short (North)2.88lb-(South)4.40lb=7.28lb
  • Brian Wilson-Jerry Wilson(North)3.56lb-(South)3.54lb=7.10lb
  • Bill Bailey Sr.-Bill Bailey Jr.(North)4.82lb-(South)2.26lb=7.08
  • Mark Ayers- Chris P(North)3.40lb-(South)2.81lb=6.21lb
  • Brian McComb- Jack McComb (North)2.38lb-(South)3.72lb=6.10lb
  • Jack Ebach-Charlie-(North)2.50lb-(South)3.48lb=5.98lb
  • Randy Perry- Rick Payne-(North)2.35lb-(South)3.56lb=5.91lb
  • Brian Mcdonell- Wes Herndon-(North)2.46lb-(South)4.45lb=5.91lb
  • Mike Robinson- Kevin Hockin-(North)2.27lb-(South)3.27lb=5.54lb
  • Harry Swank- Tony Madiax-(North)3.34lb-(South)0.00lb=3.34lb
  • Bryan Ray- Scott Ramsdell-(North)2.47lb-(South)0.00lb=2.47lb
  • Erik Peck- Will Anderson-(North)2.36lb-(South)0.00lb=2.36lb
  • Joe Reid and Wife-(North)0.00lb-(South)0.00lb=0.00lb
Bill Bailey Sr-Jr /North 4.82lb=$2.66
Mike Miller-Meyser/ South 5.49lb and total 8.46lb=$532
Mike Meyser-Bill Bailey Jr. Mike Miller-Bill Sr.

Mike Meyser (5.49lb)

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